Designing Patents for Leadership
Designing Patents for Leadership
Enables sustained control of market category leadership
Unlocks creativity to capture key drivers of IP advantage
Preserves optionality, guides prioritization, and optimizes resource allocation
Supports successful licensing programs and commands high values
Building on Category Leadership
Strong Force serves to establish sustainable control over categories.
Delivering Strategic Advantage and Enhanced Value

The Strong Force Design process is shaped by diverse competencies, creativity, and senior relationships.
Our proven, systematic methodology for development and monetization results in portfolios that are:

Designing Future Market Categories
Diverse competencies enable us to understand and anticipate the evolution of an ecosystem, its participants, and drivers of IP advantage.

Our approach allows us to see across the boundaries that trap others in isolated silos and inhibit their discovery and development of strategically valuable categories.

Select Competencies:

  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Go-to-market
  • Operating
  • Organization
  • Finance
  • Corp Dev
  • Monetization
Capturing Impactful, Broader Patents Otherwise Forfeited
Most companies solely focus on patenting products. This lane typically yields incremental inventions and grows increasingly crowded over time.


Combining material from innovation areas that typically are siloed, both inside an organization and across its ecosystem, enables broader market opportunity identification, accelerates focused invention, and results in greater scope, impact, and advantage.
Unlocking Creativity – The Strong Force Matrix™
The matrix is a key component of the design methodology, organizing and combining drivers of IP advantage into a strategic array of hundreds of patentable combinations. Systematically combining inventions (or even non-inventive elements) from discrete domains can open new domains with white space for broad inventions.
Exponential invention and optionality arises from the structured methodology.
Monetizing Category Portfolios
We employ both traditional monetization approaches and a hybrid approach that anticipates and is calibrated to changes in ecosystem dynamics.

During the early stages of category initiation, we capture optionality to preserve priority, capital, and advantage.

As a category matures and prevailing use cases emerge, we can use a strategically positioned portfolio to drive participation, cooperation, and shared investment across the ecosystem while allowing owners to maintain the desired degree of control.
Publicly reported transactions of portfolios designed using Strong Force methodologies have generated, pro forma, an average 10.6x multiple on invested capital.

Getting Started: Phase 1
Phase 1 of the Strong Force Design process involves three major components, focused on discovery of candidate areas of opportunity, validation of opportunities within the context of the patent landscape, and alignment of portfolio development strategies with business strategy. Phase 1 generates a bespoke patent portfolio blueprint for leadership.
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