Innovating for Category Leadership

Achieving Category Leadership

Delivering Strategic Advantage & Accumulating Value

The Strong Force Design process is shaped by diverse competencies, creativity, and senior relationships.
Our systematic methodology is staged for capital-efficient patent portfolio development.

Category Leadership Process

Designing Future Market Categories

Our approach allows us to see across the boundaries that trap others in isolated silos and inhibit discovery and development of strategically valuable categories. Diverse competencies enable us to anticipate the evolution of an ecosystem, its participants, and drivers of IP advantage.

Capturing Impactful, Broader Patents

Unlocking Creativity – The Strong Force™ Matrix

Exponential invention and optionality arise from the structured methodology.

Catalyzing Categories

Invention and patterns of technology advancement can activate categories.

A strategically positioned portfolio can drive cooperation and shared investment across the ecosystem.

Strong Force Catalyst enables innovators to advance emerging categories while maintaining control.

Optimizing Throughout the Innovation Cycle

Strong Force has the agility to catalyze throughout the innovation cycle.

Leadership Team